Snap It Outdoors: Lemonade Stand


Well, for a start he isn’t selling lemonade.  He has fruit in those little cups. Grubby fruit he’s washed with dirty hands, spilled a couple of times on the way to the table at the front of our house, and possibly moved from cup to cup while he’s been waiting for customers. He’s also selling art – do you see that green box? It’s full of his colored pencils. He’s creating while he’s waiting. He’s been waiting for a while; we live on a cul-de-sac, and other than neighbors and the odd well-meaning dog walker, he hasn’t had much traffic. For 50c you can purchase one of his creations; for $1 you can commission him, just give him a title and in minutes you will have your own piece of custom art.


He hasn’t made much money, but Red is so content out here, selling his wares, looking around to be inspired by the flowers and trees and sounds of our street, and creating new art while he waits. I don’t know how many more summers he’ll want to do this, so for now I keep the paper and grapes and cherries in plentiful supply in the house, and celebrate his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

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