Outdoors Dads – a Gift Guide


With Father’s Day fast approaching, have you thought about what you’re going to get the dads in your life? I usually help the kids make cards, and maybe something else homemade if I’m feeling crafty. I usually like to pick up something small too, or something my husband needs. If I’m on top of things, I’ll buy local, but this year I am most definitely not on top of things! So, with less than a week to go, here are my recommendations from Amazon that I know Prime can deliver to my door in time for the weekend!

Make your own mug

I bought this for the kids to give my husband for his birthday. It’s really easy to use the piece of paper provided (or cut another one to size) and have the kids draw and write on it. It’s also easy to change it out over time. This is great for outdoor dads to take with them hiking or camping, and just as useful for any environmentally aware dad looking to limit his use of disposable cups.

portable espresso machine

This is something that’s on my gift list! My husband is a huge espresso fan, and when we’re camping, we are definitely in need of some coffee in the morning! A lot of mini espresso machines need to be plugged into an outlet, which takes them off my camping list, but this one is hand-pumped. While there are lots of trips where the extra weight and size of something like this means it’s not on the essentials list, we still mostly drive right up to campsites, and so I feel that this is something that would get plenty of use in our family!

A subscription to an outdoors magazine

My husband has a subscription to Bike magazine already, so we won’t be getting this for him! He loves it, and I love giving magazine subscriptions as it’s a gift that keeps on giving. I know receiving this monthly keeps my husband inspired to get out on his bike, and keep up with new products. I didn’t realize Amazon Prime would deliver something like this, I had assumed I would need to order online directly from the magazine, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this option.

Quick Charge waterproof solar charger

This is a perfect gift for a dad who camps or goes on long bikes or hikes. As I mentioned, we normally camp next to the car, and so can charge electronics there when necessary. I’m hoping to take the boys on a backcountry camp sometime this year, now that they’re old enough. This year we’re unlikely to travel far from the car, but I hope we can extend them as the years go on. And this is the kind of kit that could be useful in the car at all times of year for emergencies.

Portable water filtration system

This is another emergency supply that we don’t have, but that I’ve been considering adding to our collection. Bringing gallon jugs of water on camping trips uses up a lot of space, and if we are planning to backcountry camp it would be great to pick somewhere near a water source and not have to consider packing in water jugs. I’m actually buying this one for our Father’s Day gift (shhh!) and the reason I picked this one is because we can bring it along with us and it will fit in any of our current reusable water bottles (we have Camelbaks) but we don’t have to ‘activate’ it and start using it immediately, unlike some of the other options that come as an all-in-one system as part of the water bottle. I’ll let you know our review of it after we’ve used it!

Yard games

This looks like a fun game to play in our own backyard, or take with us when we’re camping (not backcountry!)  Now it’s summer, we’re spending a lot more weekend time in the yard, and having friends over for meals. I’ve been looking for a fun game that kids and adults can play together, and this one fits the bill. There are lots of other options, like giant Jenga and Connect Four, depending on space and how much you want to spend!

What are you getting the dads in your life for Father’s Day? I’d love to hear if any of these options appeal to you.

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