Hi, I’m Gill Hill and I live in Boise, Idaho, with my husband and two boisterous boys.

We love to be outdoors! I try my best to get the kids outside for part of every day, mostly for their benefit, but also for mine! So much of their learning, play and development can happen outdoors, and there are many advantages to figuring out our place within the world while being actively connected to it.
I work part time writing, and the rest of the week I spend soaking up my littles before they become big. And in the process, I hope I’m instilling some of our values into them, which includes a love and appreciation for the natural world we live in.

My husband and I are from Scotland originally, and have lived in Austin, Texas, Albany, New York, and now have settled in Boise, Idaho. I think I’m in my favorite place yet, especially for growing some outdoor-loving kids! Red, our oldest, is nearly six, and just started kindergarten. Smalls is as two as two comes, and attends a daycare part time while I work. One of the things that really attracted me to this daycare was that his Rosa Mummy, as he calls Miss Rosa Marie, takes the kids out to her backyard as often as possible.


We revel in hiking, biking, skiing, camping, getting muddy whenever an opportunity presents itself, and generally enjoying all the world has to offer.

If you want to get in touch, please email me at gill.hill@ymail.com. I ‘d love to hear your thoughts on the outdoors life for you and your littles.


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