Why you should build a Bug Hotel with your kids

We visited the Jim Hall Foothills Learning Center this weekend. We were there for a family photo session, which was a lot of fun! It was a beautiful place to take photos and had lots of things for the kids to run around and do between shots.  It’s getting cold, and so taking jackets off…


Styling Guide for Boise family photos

I teamed up with Paige, with my copywriter’s hat on, to produce a styling guide to having family photos taken in Boise, including what to wear, and where to have your photos taken. For those of you who live locally, if you’re considering getting a family photo-shoot done in the next few months, you should definitely check this out!

Snap It Outdoors: Just Playing

There’s a natural ebb and flow to their play, just as there is to the water. They immerse themselves in that concentrated busywork of moving rocks and dumping things, swirling their hands in the cool water, living in some imaginary world.

Easy, Kid-Friendly Hikes in Boise

The boys and I love a good hike, and we often head out at the last minute on an adventure. We know the spots we like, and that makes it easy for me to persuade them, and for me to quickly plan around it. I can guess how long it will take and what we’ll…

What’s in my backpack for summer hikes with the kids?

If you’ve seen my spring edition – whats in the car, you’ll know I like to be prepared. I’m a type A personality, so planning and being prepared comes naturally to me! But it also makes it so much easier to get up and out of the house on a hike or bike, especially if…

Fit4Mom Fitness Classes for Mom Giveaway

Are you a mom looking to get fit again, and struggling to find childcare? Fit4Mom Boise has a great selection of classes, and you can win a months’ free trial!

Teach your kid to shift gears: 5 easy tricks

  I don’t really remember learning to ride a bike. I have a vague memory of the training wheels coming off, realizing my Dad was no longer holding onto the saddle, aware I was on my own, wobbling and falling as a result. I think I was around 7. Red started on his balance bike…

Snap It Outdoors: Balancing Act

We went to the zoo this week, ate a picnic, and visited our favorite animals, which are currently the zebras and the giraffes. Red was amazed to watch a giraffe reach up high and stick it’s tongue out to reach the high leaves on the tree above. “There’s no way any other animals here could…