How to Dress Your Kids for the Snow

For our family, going outside on a snowy day is automatically on the to do list, and a quick look at the thermometer and outside the window is enough for me to mentally assess what we all need to wear. If you aren’t used to taking your kids out into the snow, however, this can…


Snap It Outdoors: Just Watching

We sat in someone’s front yard while waiting for Red to finish his piano lesson. We had walked a little first, watching the leaves float and twirl from the trees. Smalls picked up a leaf. “Spin!” he shrieked, rotating it in his fingers.

Snap It Outdoors: Climbing Everywhere

We took a quick trip to the Boise Train Depot so Grandad could see the engine Big Mike. I always forget about the stones and ponds, the clambering and obligatory wet feet. So much fun. It was a great activity to burn some energy and get in some sunlight before we headed off for dinner…