Snap It Outdoors: Working Out



I’ve already posted the details about working out at the Fit4Mom’s Mother’s Day Open House Stroller Strides class. And how much fun it was. The amazing Paige McLeod of Glean & Co was there taking photos, and when I got home I was excited to look through her photos to see what I could use for the blog post. What I hadn’t realized was how empowering it felt to see great photos of me exercise!

I think everyone should have professional photos taken of them while working out! Paige managed to get almost every mom and kid there, and I wish I could be a fly on the wall when they get to see their own photos. I look at these pictures and I see all these strong mamas working hard, looking after their kids, connecting with each other. Just seeing the pictures again is motivating me to find time for another class. While it would be wonderful if Paige just wandered around Boise taking photos of anyone exercising with their kids, if you can’t get a professional photo taken, consider asking someone to take one for you. At the very least take a mental picture of what you see, and how you feel, as you make it through your workout. Mental pictures are something I use with my boys, and the more they practice using them, the better it works. If it helps you push through the internal resistance to find the time and energy to exercise, let me know!

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