Snap It Outdoors: Balancing Act


We went to the zoo this week, ate a picnic, and visited our favorite animals, which are currently the zebras and the giraffes. Red was amazed to watch a giraffe reach up high and stick it’s tongue out to reach the high leaves on the tree above.

“There’s no way any other animals here could reach that,” I said. “Isn’t it amazing?”


Just as we were about to leave, the giraffe bent down to reach some leaves on the ground.  It awkwardly straddled it’s legs further and further out as it tried to reach them. Red and I laughed that it couldn’t bend its knees and that this animal, which had been so graceful and astounding just a few minutes before, was now stuck in this ungainly manner as it tried to do something so simple. We can all do pretty astounding things, at times, I pointed out to Red. And at others, we get stuck just trying to pick leaves up off the ground.

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