Snap It Outdoors: Weaving

Last weekend we went to Kidfort Fest, which is part of the Treefort Festival held in Boise every spring. There were so many great activities for the boys to get involved in, including dancing, singing, building cardboard forts and creating bottle rockets. As we arrived, we found this amazing creation, with a huge box of natural and synthetic materials to pick through.

img_1871In a sea of people, movement, and music, Red was at peace.  He stood and weaved in his materials, oohing and aahing at the colors in the sunlight, oblivious to the crowds and noise around him. We had to cajole him away.

With each step, I could see his energy build again, excited for what was in store around the corner, and the weaving frame was quickly forgotten. When we got home I discovered a fluttering, glittery ribbon, trailing from his pocket. Maybe he had kept the peaceful experience in mind, after all.

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