Why I love family skiing and biking trips to Bogus Basin Mountain

I wrote a guest post for Shred Dog Gear this week about Bogus Basin Mountain. It’s our local mountain, and I love it so much! We ski there all winter, and bike there in the summer. Check out the post here.

If you’re a local to Boise and haven’t been yet – you really need to get in gear! It’s only 45 minutes from town, and there’s lots to do there. I love it in the summer when it’s really stuffy and hot in town, as it’s a good few degrees cooler up there. And when the inversion hits in January, it’s warmer up there – win-win!

One of the things I love about our mountain is that it’s a non-profit. We are happy as a family to go up in the summer and spend some money on food and drinks and kids activities because we know that money is being plowed back into snowmaking machines, new bike skills loops, and all manner of fun things that we can enjoy.  And if you want to head up there this winter, but are concerned how you’re kids will handle the cold, check out my post How to Help Kids Enjoy Skiing In Bad Weather

I’m also looking forward to checking out Shred Dog’s youth outdoor clothing line, which is due to be released this year. While it might seem crazy to spend a fortune on outdoor gear for the kids when they’re going to outgrow it in a season or two, these are the family members who most need to be warm, dry and comfortable, if you’re expecting them to learn, enjoy and want to come back for more. The kids will spend lots of time hanging around, waiting their turn in ski school, and then expend massive amounts of energy trying to master skills. One thing I noticed on the proposed Shred Dog gear is under-arm vents, which I know will be useful for Red especially. The fact that Shred Dog is a direct wholesale-consumer company means the quality to price ratio should be amazing, and I’m excited to find out more.


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