Snap It Outdoors: Maps


img_1205The boys haven’t been wanting to go out much recently.  A cold snap hit Boise again this week, the temperatures have been in the teens on the way to school, and there’s been indoor recess again. We’ve been playing in the yard, but not much more than that. The spring that seemed to beckon for us just a few weeks ago, tempting us with park fun and bike rides and shoes not boots, has folded her hand back inside her jacket to stay warm.

We were at the library this week and found a gigantic map of our city. I asked Red if he could find anything on it he recognized. I thought he might look for our street. Instead he used his finger to follow the string of pearls, as our city parks are often called. The green spaces follow the river and are clear to see on the map.

‘Ooh, there’s Municipal Park.  And Julia Davis park, let’s go there soon!’

Yes, Red, let’s.

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