Snap It Outdoors: Shoveling

An unexpected 5 inches of snow fell yesterday. We woke up to a winter wonderland, despite the fact the weather had fooled us into thinking it was spring in February just the week before. We took Red to school, and watched the cars fishtail back up our street after, Small shrieking with delight while I sweated and bit my lip.

And then to work! The best kind of work, if you ask Smalls. I cannot recommend highly enough that you get a kid sized snow shovel snow shovel.

Other than the fact that he piled all the snow up against the front door,  and spent quite  some time digging out our front garden tree, he was a great help. In the sense that it kept him busy while I cleared the driveway and sidewalk, and it helped him understand that when it comes to big family jobs like this, we all pitch in. Then a quick sledding trip, and home for some hot chocolate and painting. Our favorite kind of day!

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  1. Nicole says:

    We have several of the kid size shovels and we love them! Allows the kids to “help” or at least feel like they’re helping lol 😂

    1. wee1one says:

      Yes, one each or their fighting over who ‘helps’ which is pretty funny!!

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