Snap It Outdoors: Trail Mix

Sometimes the boys love to go for a hike with me, but more often than not at least one of them complains at the suggestion. I find I have a constantly rotating list of things that might entice them into the open, and once we’re there, they love it and forget all about whatever they were doing at home.

kids not want to hike? Entice them with some trail mix!

For Smalls, the current obsession is trail mix. Special trail mix, specially made for that trail. He helps suggest what to put in it, and he mixes them up in the bag. This time he got to hold the bag on the walk too. Which meant many, many stops to eat.  It must have fuelled him up though, because this was the first trail he walked the whole way without needing the hiking carrier!

What do you to encourage your small people outside when they resist the suggestion?

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