Snow Activities: Tracks in the snow

In Boise, we have had the inversion for a week, and we are done! It was so nice to wake up on Saturday to some snow (just a tiny bit) and more importantly, clear skies! The inversion causes all the smog and yucky particles to get trapped down in the valley, and I could feel the crisp, fresh air in my lungs as I breathed, it was delicious!  It helped that it was the weekend and Daddy was home. So we decorated gingerbread trees (aka ate a lot of frosting and candy) and then got on all our snow kit and ran outside to burn off some of that sugar.


We didn’t walk far, just around our local trail, so we were probably only out for 45 minutes max, but that was fine in this cold weather.  We instantly spotted all kinds of prints in the fresh snow, and the boys loved guessing what animals or birds might have created them.  Smalls is really enjoying  the book “We’re Going on A Bear Hunt” right now, and so he assumed everything was made by a bear! He crawled around roaring like a bear to make his own prints.  But that in itself gave us a chance to talk about if the animal was big or small, walking or running, how many feet, how many claws or toes it might have had.


It’s easy to get stuck under the inversion and everything can start to feel claustrophobic.  It was so nice to let Red just sit and take in this amazing view, and watch as his horizon expanded in front of him.  I could almost feel us all take bigger, slower, breaths as we looked out over the whole of the valley.

If you woke to first snowfall of the winter, what did you do to get out and enjoy it?

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