OMG, you guys, I’m in Scary Mommy!

As you might have guessed by looking at the posts on this blog, I’m at the beginning of my writing career. Not at the beginning of writing; I’ve been doing that in one form or another since I was little. Just like Red, I was making up my own stories and books when I started school.

But I am at the scary beginning of putting Smalls in daycare while Red is at school, and taking time for what I hope to become a successful paid career as a writer. This blog is part of that, as is finding work as a copy writer on websites and marketing, and producing blog posts for other people.

I wrote a post and submitted it to Scary Mommy without telling anyone; I assumed they’d turn it down, or more likely I would never hear from them at all. So I was more than surprised to hear from them a day later, telling me they’d love to publish my piece. Things were getting real! So I told my husband, and he asked what it was about, so I sent him the article and gulped.  It’s a very personal piece, and it affects him too, and, well, I wasn’t sure I’d articulated this stuff to him before. I’m not sure I’d really articulated it to myself, if I’m honest.

And now,  I have to share it with all of you! And the world (well that might be a stretch, but certainly all the Scary Mommy readers, and I know that’s a LOT)! So, jumping right in at the deep end of baring my soul, here is the article I wrote about Red’s birth. It’s not about being an outdoors mama, but it is about being a mama, and about the very experience that made me a mama.  And if you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about our family in my posts, this will add some background you might find interesting.

P.S. I’m reliably informed this is making people cry.  It certainly made me cry when I wrote it.  So you might want to get the tissues ready!




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  1. Fiona says:

    I am really enjoying your blog. Your article in Scary Mommy excellent. xo

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