4 Reasons Why We Live In Snowpants In The Winter

I have so many pictures of the boys in snowpants at this time of year, it’s silly. We met up with some friends for a quick neighborhood walk the other day and all 3 of us were in our snowpants. Nobody else was. It was a little embarrassing but by the end I was glad we were all in them! Here are 4 reasons why snowpants rock winter, even if there’s not much snow on the ground

1. I don’t need to worry about them getting wet or cold

Sure, this seems obvious. That’s the main point of snow pants, right? And it is obvious if you are going out for a planned snowy activity like building a snowman. But we wear our snow pants even when we are just going for a walk, to the play park or playing in the garden when almost all of the snow has gone. If there’s a hint of white stuff on the ground, those snowpants are on. I don’t need to tell them off for rolling around on the ground (which they will do), and it protects their clothes making them last that little bit longer. I’ve seen them roll around in the slushy mud just as much as the snow at this time of year, when it’s been weeks since the fresh stuff has fallen from the sky but it’s still in the low 30s.

2. It keeps them warm

Wearing snowpants usually significantly extends our time outdoors in the winter. They are far less likely to get wet feet if I make sure to put the elasticated inner part of the leg over their snow boots. Even if parts of them get a bit cold, like their hands if we don’t have waterproof gloves on, their core body temperature stays up and they can run around for longer. Which is a win win for all of us!


3. Mama wears them too!

Sure, it’s probably overkill when I wear them too! But if we are just hanging around our backyard or the local park and not going anywhere after, I like to put my snowpants on.  I’m not going to be running around as much as the boys, so they keep me warm and therefore I’m less likely to call a day to our outdoors activities when the boys aren’t ready yet.  Plus, I’m more likely to get involved in their fun; throw snowballs if there’s enough snow left, or get down on the ground and help them with something, if I know I’m not going to get wet and cold as a result.

4. We keep old/cheap ones separate to our skiing kit

I understand that not everyone can afford this option. But I know my boys are going to get very messy and be climbing around on rocks and generally really testing the hardiness of those snow pants if we are doing backyard activities in them. So Red has one set for skiing, and a separate cheap pair for at home. I also wear my older snowpants for these trips, not the nice new ones I just upgraded to for skiing.  There’s nothing worse than limiting a kid’s fun by constantly harping on at them to keep a piece of kit ‘good’ and to watch out for the mess.


The key to getting out in the right kit is having it ready to wear at any time.  My next post is going to be about how I make that as easy as it can be for me, or a sitter, or even for Red to find all the snow gear and get ready to head outside in the cold.


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