International Polar Bear Day is here!

Did you know it’s International Polar Bear Day today? If you’re like me, you often find out about these special days when it’s too late to prepare! Last year I wrote a blog post about it, which you can find here, with lots of ideas for crafts you can make last minute, plus a Thermostat Challenge that you can get involved in, with no prior preparation.

Red is very interested in endangered animals, and so I use that fascination to introduce him to the concept of climate change and protecting our earth. At a time of year when it’s all too easy to turn up the heating and snuggle inside and watch a movie, we can discuss why keeping your thermostat lower and using extra layers makes more sense in the long run. I also use this theme to encourage the kids to get outside, which may sound like it doesn’t make sense at first, but hear me out! Although it’s cold out there, if we wrap up warm and run around when we get out there, we can warm up our bodies without having to heat up the entire house. We can pad about like polar bears, making footprints and building dens, and if I’m really lucky, maybe they’ll try a bit of fish for their dinner!

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